Cargo Agency and OTM

Cargo agency

We have the necessary infrastructure and experience to handle all types of cargo to and from the main Ports and Airports of the World.
We act on behalf of our clients for contracting of necessary services that guarantee fulfillment of transport of cargo; insurance, packaging, stowage, port operation, loading, unloading, escort, storage or any other operation.


We have the necessary experience and qualifications for the transport of goods by two or more different modes of transport, under a single Multimodal Transport Contract, from a place located in one country of origin to another country.

In all our operations we offer real-time information to our customers



  • A single transport document, a single person responsible to the customer.
  • Movement of goods in suspension of customs duties from ports to the interior of the country.
  • Cash flow
  • Reduction of time and costs in port operations
  • Increased safety for cargo


What does the OTM service include?

Inland transportation in the country of origin

Delivery of goods in Free Zone or Enabled Warehouse

Mode of transport for continuation of trip

Air and/or sea transport from origin country to destination country

Export customs formalities

Port and/or airport management in origin and destination countries

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