Maritime Transport

Maritime Transport

When cost is the main factor in choosing the mode of transport and not time, sea freight service is the best choice.
We offer all types of maritime transport with different alternatives of shipowners, ports of departure, ports of arrival, frequencies and transit time.

Benefits 360 Logistics

Expert advice

We have experienced professionals around the world that allows us to offer our client advance information of the requirements for the successful fulfillment of the import and export processes in the country of origin or destination. So you can know if you require specific documentation, last mile delivery, logistic support storage or any additional procedure.

Shipping network

We have agreements with the main regional and global shipping companies that allow us to offer routes, departure and arrival times according to the specific need of the client.



Monitored transport, handling of security seals and photographic shots when required.

Our main services in maritime transport are:

FCL (Full container load)

LCL (Less than container load)

Break Bulk Cargo - Extra sized Cargo - extra heavy

Chartering of Vessels

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