We have a network of allies throughout the country to offer customs storage, simple in public warehouses, private and free zones.

We offer all 3PL services according to the specific operation of each client



Storage of goods and customs storage


Simple Storage:

Receipt of goods

  • Type: Pallet, box, unit.
  • Inventory control
  • Quality control.



  • By product type
  • Compatibility matrix
  • WMS
  • Specialized areas


Picking and packing

  • WMS System
  • Separation and enlistment of orders cross docking, detailed picking



  • Charge to vehicle
  • Label
  • Load process verification


Customs Storage:

We have alliances in the main free zones and warehouses enabled so you can carry out the type of storage you require.

Our services are tailored to the requirements of our customers and include:

Notify the customer once the cargo arrives at the warehouse

Reception of the load and weighing of the same where the physical conditions of the packages moved are checked (signs of looting and deterioration)

WMS Inventory control and management, if so determined and upon agreement

Storage in a specific place that meets the minimum conservation requirements of the merchandise

Picking and Packing, if required and prior agreement

Repacking of the goods if required and prior agreement

Labeling of the goods, if required and upon agreement

Coordination for the taking of serials and inspection of the cargo by government authorities, when required

Coordination for the transport of the goods if the importer / exporter so provides

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